We love to collab with the broader community of clubs at UBC. Together we create special one-time events that showcase different genres of music or bring attention to important causes.


Open Mic at the Gallery 

Don’t miss your chance to catch some wonderful live performances while enjoying one of UBC's most iconic venues. If you're a performer this is your chance to showcase your talents! Sign up for a time slot at the event and we'll call you onstage for your 15m set.

Live at Koerner's

Come grab a table with your friends at the legendary Koerner’s Pub and enjoy some low-key tunes while getting some grub and suds. 

This is UBC’s largest student-run music festival. Goosehunt features a massive local headliner, a collection of UBC’s most talented acts, cheap drink specials, and a 7-foot wooden goose; this is a party you do NOT want to miss. 


Build-a-Band Jam Sessions

Record-listening parties

Outdoor performances on campus

Regular members-only house parties


*all events may be subject to change following relevant and up-to-date covid protocol*